Any shelf


We call it Shelf, but it can be a bench, it can be a sideboard or a bookcase. It can be almost ANYthing. It is a system of stackable modules (20, 30 and 40 cm high), with cube shaped colored inserts and a sturdy base module. It can be assembled any way you like, restacking the modules is easy since there are no screws involved (unless the stack gets beyond a certain height, in which case anchoring it to the wall might be necessary). The inserts will just slide in and can be positioned anywhere within the corresponding height module.

Material: Beech plywood, MDF
Dimensions (W,D,H) :
Modules -144,8x36,8x23,6/33,6/43,6cm
Inserts - 20/30/40x35,8x20/30/40cm
Base - 125,1x129,8x20,1cm
Design: 13x14
Producer: Kaustik

Ready to ship in: 3-4 weeks
Shipping cost not included for outside RO

In case you would like to chose a different alternative of payment please email us at [email protected]